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From Jeff Mwangemi to John Karani: Maina Kageni pays homage to golden oldies of radio 


Thursday, 13 February 2020 marks World Radio day and Classic hosts Maina and Mwalimu are paying homage to those many of us don’t remember.

Maina thanked Kenyans for ‘making this gig so much fun, adding ahsanteni there would be no radio without you.

The theme of World Radio Day 2020 is “Radio and Diversity”. The theme centers around diversity and plurilingualism. It is a significant medium to celebrate humanity in the entirety of its diversity and gives a platform for democratic discourse.

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Back in the days, radio was ruled by voices such as Jeff Mwangemi, John Karani Elizabeth Omollo, Cess Mutungi, Muthoni Bwika etc.

Maina encouraged Classic 105 fans to call in and remind Kenyans of Radio voices we may have forgotten.

‘Man we’ve come from far. 

‘yes eh there was Saturday Night Live was it called Saturday night show and beat time, and yours for the asking’

King’angi joked about this reminding Maina no wonder his English is so good

Kwani Maina you used to listen to Kizungu programs, even back then, Maina mulianza kuendlea vizuri kutoka kitambo sana,

Maina responded asking Mwalimu

‘hold on so what kwani what did you used to listen to?’
pp mwai wa githinji, yaliyomo and everyoen else, kuna jamaa alikuwa anavaa bibilia husema Mwalimu told him

Here is a list of legends whom we must give thanks for making Radio what it was:

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Cess Mutungi,

cess mutngi

Elizaeth Omollo,

elizabeth omollo kbc

Nzau Kalulu,

nzau kalulu

John Obongo Junior,

john obongo

Larry Wambua, Agao Patrobers (died in 2019 aged 69)

agawo patrobas

Others were Hadija Ali, Kajuju Kaburia, Caroline Mutoko, Nyambane.

Waweru Mburu (died in 2016)

waweru bmruu

, Bonnie Msambi, Dj israel, Mohamed Juma Njuguna (sports)

Ciku Muiruri who hosted the popular Busted show on Classic 105.

The former Classic105 presenter

Mambo Mbotela, Edward Kadilo, Tony Msalame, Muthoni Bwika and Jeff Muiya, John Karani used to read lyrics for the song, David arap Mayoo KBC.


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Dear Classic fam, is there anyone else who may have slipped our minds? Drop your names below.

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