From bano to chobo ua: A list of games we played as children

In case you were born past 2000, hold up, you sure don’t know what I’m about to talk about. We from the nineties played real games. Games that tested one’s patience, resilience and critical thinking.

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I’m seated reminiscing about those gone moments and here some of the games we played back in the 90’s:

1. Chobo Ua

This has to be the roughest game among boys back in the days. Millennials, let me break it down to you. Chobo is where a ball passes between your legs. For chobo ua it was all about dribbling the ball and trying to pass it between your other friend’s legs.

chobo ua(1)

Everyone played independent and woe unto you if the ball passed between your legs. Other boys chased you kicking you hard as you run towards the agreed point. Sometimes the touch point was a girl or a teacher. This made it easier for the one being chased. To be honest, how would you run towards a teacher and touch him or her so that the other boys can leave you alone?

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2. Bano

Bano is what you woke kids call marble. This had to be the game that had too much adrenaline while playing. You had to drill a small hole in the ground and basically everyone tried to have the bano into the hole. While hitting the marble, you put your thumb on the ground and used the middle finger to release the bano. You had to aim your opponent bano and try to push it into the hole.


3. Cattie

This was a girl’s game and for the sissies. Basically it involved two girls standing on opposite sides and the other girls being in the between them. They would throw the ball to each other as they tried to hit one of the girls and after being hit, you had no option but quit. This went on and on until only one girl was left in the middle and the other two had to do their best and have the ball hit her.

4. Brikicho

Brikicho is what we call hide and seek. This game involved hiding and having someone else look for you. It went something like this, “Brikicho banture, brikicho banture. Nikuje? Apana Nikuje? Apana.”

hide and seek(1)

When everybody was ready they would respond by saying “eeh” The tricky part was outrunning the lead controller of the game when they found you in your hiding spot. You had to run fast and tap at the place they were spotted while singing the brikicho tune to avoid loosing and having to lead the tune yourself.

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