Eastleigh MP Yusuf Hassan and Ken Okoth in Paris

Friends indeed: People who visited Ken Okoth in hospital abroad

Kibra Member of Parliament is no more, of importance to note however is that he has not been alone in his battle with Colerectal cancer stage four.

Ann Wigmore once said,

Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it.

Ken was a fighter until the end when his family put him off life support.

Before his death here are the friends who stood by him.

1.Esther Passaris

Esther Passaris and Ken Okoth
Esther Passaris and Ken Okoth

2.Judy Wakhungu

Ken Okoth greeting Judy Wakhungu
Ken Okoth greeting Judy Wakhungu

3.Eastleigh Member of Parliament, Yusuf Hassan

Yusuf has expressed his utter shock at the news of Okoth’s death.

Absolutely devastated by the death of the extraordinary Kibra MP & Hero KEN OKOTH. He was an upright & principled politician who selflessly worked & loved his constituents.

What are a great loss! My condolences to Monica & the family. We will deeply miss you. Hamba Kahle.


4.BBC reporter Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo had visited Ken Okoth as he was still working with BBC at the time.

Larry Madowo and Ken Okoth
BBC reporter Larry Madowo and Ken Okoth in a past photo taken in Paris.

Kenya has indeed lost a hero.

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