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‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy

Today’s morning conversation was based on whether parents are doing enough to talk to their kids on matters s#x, due to the increased teenage pregnancies.

Here is what one parent *Nancy* had to say

Maina I have a friend who lost both their kids due to them being to busy.

The dad was a doctor and the mother was a doctor so they were constantly on the move,most of the time they left the kids with the mboch and their uncle.

At some point the parents came back and noticed that the kids were craving for their attention but as usual they were busy.

Not long after that they found out that the sister and brother were sleeping together and that their Daughter got pregnant.

On being questioned the son calmly said

‘I love my sister because you do not allow me to interact with our friends.’

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She adds

The lady got pregnant again  and they forced her to  terminate it but she died in the process.

After the girl died the brother decided to kill himself because his ‘friend’ had died,he was admitted to ICU and sadly he passed away.

The dad was dying of guilt so the mother had to finally talk about it.

Another parent adds

If a kid has not raised well from 3 to 8 if we mess up there then as parents we have lost the plot.

Going for holiday tuition and church functions might help to keep this kids busy and avoid in them getting into such messes.

Another adds

If you go to most schools the parents wants their children to look se3y,good hair and modified uniform.

Some parents even compete on ensuring that their kids are the ‘sexiest’ in the school,how sad that is.Has the kid gone to study or to look s3xy?

Then they will come complaining yet they contributed to all this.

Parenting is a mess in Kenya,children are being brought up by mboches and most parents do not care about what happens to them.

Things that are being aired on out stations are also fueling these habits where under age kids engage in underage s#x.

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