I asked my friend to test my boyfriend but they got married – Lady on twitter screams

Twitter and social media in general normally have some crazy stories that most likely sound like they belong in a salacious romantic novel.

The next story I feel would make a great addition to this genre. Just recently, a young lady identified as Pearl (@borlahdee18) on Twitter shared her sad experience with love and trust.

The beautifully explained how she had lost her boyfriend after a test of his worthiness and trustworthiness had gone haywire.

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Pearl narrated how she had asked her friend to help her test his faithfulness, a gamble that would turn out badly for her.  Things took a wrong turn as Pearl said her friend and her man got married and now have two kids.

“Five years ago I had asked my friend to test my boyfriend to see how much he loves me. Today they are happily married with two kids. Anita, God will not forgive you for me !” she wrote.

Some of the comments to the hilarious post are below:

FadekeTwo hearts No curses dear, you love your friend so much that she was blessed through you…awww what a giver

Sammy Yes …she loves her friend so much that she gave her only beloved boy friend, that who ever falls in love with him will not break up but have an everlasting relationship.

Korede Olaita You’re so on point! She should continue testing abeg..


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