‘My friend makes 100K per month from betting,I am so envious’ City Man

The morning conversation was based on whether it is really true that betting is ruining marriages. Both men and women bet but men are most affected.

Maina Kageni was lost for words after learning that the behaviour not only affects the youth but old men as well.

Here is what one caller had to say.

Betting keeps one busy,The highest amount I have ever won was 32 ,000 sometimes you win sometimes you lose?

I am just wondering that woman who called to tell you that betting is ruining her marriage kwani the husband told her he was betting?

My wife does not even know I bet because I am employed so I use a little portion of my salary on that,further more sometimes she asks for salon money and I give her.

She does not question mahali imetoka.

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Maina I have friend of mine who does not work all he does is bet and to be frank I envy him because he earns more than what some employed people do.

There is a time he won 100,000 and when I thought about it I realized that I earn peanuts.

On a different occasion he won 75,000. I envy him.

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Another adds

Don’t joke with betting because it has enabled me pay fees,rent and we have eaten well bur right now I keep losing .

In the last one week I have lost 15,000 so I decided to take a one week break.

It seems like Muhindi ana go through tough times.

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