Freshi Barida’s Stivo Simple Boy wants 50 children

Kibra’s finest Stivo Simple Boy wants to get about 50 kids with his dream woman.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, the ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker spoke about his interest in having many children.

He added that he wants to fulfil the word of God, ‘multiply and fill the earth.’

“You know God brought us into this world so we can multiply and fill the earth so maybe I would like to have 50 children,” he said.

On how he will manage to bring them up all, Simple Boy said ‘Silver and Gold’ belongs to God.

“God himself said Gold and silver belong to Him so there is no need to worry,” he said.

Stivo ended his relationship with Pritty Vishy, a forthcoming socialite a few months ago. Vishy said he was not her type of a man.

In the recent interview with Mpasho, Simple Boy said he is looking for a virtuous woman to marry and not a socialite.

“I am not seeking beauty or cosmetics. I prefer a modest woman with great character who is also faithful. I’m ready to start a family, but only with the appropriate person,” he said.

He added that he is no longer interested in his curvaceous ex, Vishy and that she is not his type.

“I’m no longer attracted to her. We ended our relationship due to her terrible manners. She was untrustworthy and had a bad attitude. She’s not my type now.”

He cleared the air only his alleged relationship with a Mombasa-based singer Adasa saying he has never dated her.

“I need to be clear about something. I’m not dating Adasa and never have been. We were only planning a collaboration.”

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