Frasha Aims To Be The First Rapping MCA

Early this year, Frasha joined the political bandwagon as he announced that he will be vying for the Athi River MCA seat. His foray into politics was apparently something he had been thinking about for a while.


He made the announcement for the first time on his social media pages, stating: “I have been thinking and praying that the good Lord gives me the strength to take on the challenge to bring better leadership to my home town. And today, I want to start a journey with the trust of God’s guidance and the power of the vote that I will became the next MCA Athi River Township.”

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, he said his fellow artistes have given him support as he starts this new chapter in his life.


I am getting a lot of support from my fellow artistes. Actually we have a concert that we’ll be doing in support and endorsement of my candidature in Athi River. So expect to see a show of unity from a lot of artistes and DJs, event organisers and just people from the industry,” he said.

When asked if he’ll drop his music career, he said: “I’m still a musician and I’ll still be a musician. When I used to work in the hospital, I was still a musician. I’ve never dropped music, so I don’t expect to drop music for now. But I want to concentrate on giving time and service to the people of Athi River. So what I’ll reduce is the shows as I won’t be performing a lot, but I’ll keep doing music.”

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