Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

Why now!? Frankie and Corazon decide to share never-before-seen photos from 2019

Frankie Kiarie and Corazon Kwamboka kept their relationship hidden when they first started going out in 2019.


This was after the public and messy break-up between the gym instructor and his baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up

It made sense why the two would want to keep their business on the DL. But in early 2020 the two shocked many when they revealed that not only were they together but that that Corazon was expecting a child.

But I digress. the two decided to share with fans and followers images of the two spending time in 2019 when they were in the infancy of their relationship.

The captions read, “@Corazon Kwamboka 2019πŸ˜‹” and “@Frankie_justgymit 😍😍😍”.

Frankie Kiarie in the past

Corazon Kwamboka screenhot

Coincidentally the decision for the two to release the photos, comes after Frankie’s baby mama unveiled a new man on her trip to Colombia this past week.

β€œLoving this chapter of my life!” Maureen Waititu unleashes new lover (photo)

Maureen looks to be living her best life as she tours the South American country with a new beau that some assume is a Black American man.

Frankie and Corazon sharing the photos at this times will add some fuel to the allegations that he started seeing Corazon when he was still with Maureen.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

Frankie has denied the allegations in the past saying that he and Corazon both met when they had already broken up from their past relationships.

Maureen-Waititu-with-her-baby-daddy-Frankie in the past
Maureen-Waititu-with-her-baby-daddy-Frankie in the past

But what do I know?

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