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Francis Atwoli finally speaks on rumours he married 23-year-old lady during birthday

Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) secretary-general Francis Atwoli had the internet in a tizzy earlier this week after allegations went online that he had married a 23-year-old.


Most Kenyans were in shock after the news especially when knowing that the powerful trade unionist had married another just a few years earlier.

Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli

So was it true that Mr. Atwoli had married the girl at a secret ceremony on Mawe Resort in Watamu, Kilifi after going there to celebrate his 72nd birthday?

Nope! New photos and videos emerging show that Atwoli had been accompanied by his third wife Mary Kilobi, his son Philipo, and CS Eugene Wamalwa.

Atwoli at the coast 1 Atwoli at the coast Atwoli at the coast 2

Atwoli at the coast 3
Atwoli at the coast 3

Mr. Atwoli also had an emphatic response for all those saying that he would marry again, saying that were he to do it, everyone would know as he would do it publicly.

“That is a lazy rumour from some idle Kenyan. I was at the coast with my wife Mary. In any case, there is no problem in marrying but if I have to do that I do it publicly not hiding from anyone,” Atwoli stated.

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