The COTU boss with his wife

This is why I married Kilobi – Atwoli tells captivated crowd

Francis Atwoli has been the COTU secretary-general for longer than I can remember. The man who is a thunderous speaker when addressing people, can also be a sweetheart but to a select few people.


One of the people who has seen his kinder more personable side is KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi. The trade unionist spoke at Bukwala SDA Church where he was the chief guest at a funds drive and spoke in glowing terms about Mary.

The COTU boss with his wife
The COTU boss with his wife

He said that he didn’t regret marrying the presenter who has been a blessing to his life, and why he needed to marry another woman despite his age.

‘I also want someone that can travel with me. Since I’m getting old, I need medicine and someone who can tell me when I have due meetings. As you know, the mother of my children is in my rural home. If I decide that I want to start travelling around with her, I’ll find no home. Therefore, I must have someone who manages me and another to take care of my home,” he stated.

The COTU boss with his wife
The COTU boss with his wife

The 69-year-old complained that many times wives ignore their husbands for their children and grandchildren.

‘These women are so good. However, when they get children and grandchildren, they begin to see them as you and forget about you. You are left on your own. When you get old, you need someone who can give you medicine.’ Atwoli stated.

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Mary has been having a tough month of October as her brother was murdered last week by thugs in Thika. Hope Francis is her rock at the this time, the same way she has been supporting him.

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