The COTU boss with his wife

Francis Atwoli praises blushing wife Kilobi in intimate video

Francis Atwoli was for a long-time seen the firebrand secretary-general of the Central Organisation for Trade Unions(COTU), a job that he has kept for centuries!

The man would hold fiery press conferences where he would make demands for the labourers while dressed in expensive attire and accessories.

Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli

But since getting married to Mary Kilobi in 2018, the world has been seen a different side of the 70-year-old politician. A side that shows his soft side, his playful side.

This is why I married Kilobi – Atwoli tells captivated crowd

Recently, the couple reminded us of the love the two have for each other when they took a drive together around Maasai land and strangers noted the vocal activist’s wife was doing a good job looking after him.

This was seen in a video that Mary posted on her Instagram page.

During their trip Atwoli kept on praising the woman who has given him so much joy the past few years,  “She really takes care of the home very well, this lady takes care of the home,” the COTU boss said as he held onto a staff, making Mary to start blushing.

The two then went on to look at the flock of cows as the herders who were taking care of their cows also chiming in saying that Mr. Atwoli had indeed found a good woman who was perfect for him.

Atwoli and Kilobi
Atwoli and Kilobi

The most amazing thing about the whole video was the way that Kilobi was dressed. For a woman married to such a wealthy man like Atowli, Mary was dressed in such a simple and elegant way.

She had on a long skirt, a simple jumper and a leso to cover her which showed how down to earth she was. This past month, the COTU boss went all out for his wife as he brought in a Rhumba band to serenade her at home.

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