Former TV Presenter Unveils Her New Mzungu Boyfriend

Her life is an open book, known for speaking her mind the best way she knows how. Elizabeth Irungu is not new to controversies, it is something she knows too well about from getting conned and almost being left penniless to coming out in public admitting being a victim of assault.


This former TV siren is at it again. She is currently touring Europe and it seems she got lucky and has found love, this comes weeks after mentioning names of her boyfriends who assaulted her physically.

But Why Are Men Always Threatening Me’? Former TV Anchor Talks Of Being Threatened By Boyfriends

In a post on social media she introduces her main man but she made it clear that this time is different from what she is used to:

 My main boyfriend (si wale wangu wa kawaida wa Kenya wenye mumezoea kuniona na hao ama kusoma kwa tabloids) the main squeeze in my life right now,used to play for a football club in Germany and later England but is currently retired from professional football and presently works as a boss at an International bank in Europe so don’t expect me to ever put his pics on my public social media! NOP NEVER! I simply won’t

She talks of how a boyfriend has to go through her hotel’s back door dressed in sunglasses and a cap to minimize the attention from the paparazzi. From the look of things he is not just anybody.


She went on and gave hints to the ‘wadakus’ as she called them. Let’s hope the few guesses we have can unmask this mystery man.

1. He was in FIFA news a few years back for hurting his knee in a tournament which led to his retirement from professional football forever!

2. He is known to be a humble guy within the football community! Jamaa down-to-earth doesn’t like flashy things. Sio show off kama mimi

3. He is close friends with an English footballer who later became an actor!

4. He is aged between 35 and 48

5. Some silly American magazine once featured him in 2013 as ‘hunk of the month’ coz ‘tufisilets’ over there find him hot or handsome or wareva! Lol!

She went and said that her dad was the only one in the family who knew about him, not even her siblings. Her dad advised her to keep their private lives off the public eye and never to post pictures of bae and her, but we all know ‘sweetie’ is really good at keeping secrets.

She shared photos of her latest catch and covered his face using emoji’s



They usually say out of sight out of mind, but Irungu holds onto memories and took her time to give a special shout out to her ‘Tuboyfriend’s’

As or my Kenyan beaus,TUKO PAMOJA! Msijali!Tano tena! Solidarity forever wapenzi!Kaeeni chonjo my baby beaus back home! Tuboyfriends twangu twa home sijawasahau As for my Kenyan beaus,TUKO PAMOJA! Msijali! Tano tena! Solidarity forever wapenzi! Kaeeni chonjo my baby beaus back home!Tuboyfriends twangu twa home sijawasahau

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