Former Tahidi High Actress Shish is finally back on our screen

We all remember actress Shirleen Wangari popularly know as Shish in the TV hit series Tahidi High. She was popularly known as the  bully and naughty student.

Well guess what? She is back on our screens after going ‘MIA’ (missing in action) on us.

She was one of the talented actresses that made Tahidi High to be one of the most watched programmes in Kenya. Sadly, she and her fellow student like Tanya left, to pave the way for the other upcoming actors.

Shirleen will be starring in a new drama comedy ‘Baba Yao’ as Monica every Thursday on KTN. The show is about a man (Alfred Munyua) who had a daughter when he was still a teenager in high school. Fourteen years down the line, the daughter comes to live with him.

Her character in the series is as a filmmaker and one of ‘Baba Yao’ s two friends. She keeps sorting out the drama between the new father and his other friend, Stano (played  by Squich Musau), with the teenager played by Mwixxs Mutinda.

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Shirleen is quite a talented woman as she is part of the writers of the series ‘Baba Yao’.

The producer Patrick Ngaire of the new drama comedy said he chose her to play as Monica as she was the only one who could play the role as it fitted her well.

The reason she had been silent on the TV scene was that she was focusing on establishing herself as a producer and start her own little outfit Blackwell Films Limited.


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