Former Tahidi High actor’s house broken into and his work equipment stolen

Content creator and actor Hiram Kamuhunjia says that his house was broken into and some of his work items stolen.
In an emotional video on his YouTube channel, Hiram said his production equipment and household electronics were stolen adding that he suspects a close friend must have been behind the act.
“We have tried to add one plus one and if you look at it, it is someone close to me, who comes to my house.

The pain is that it is my friend, because how do you explain that my padlock was there but nothing in the home.

A very close person to me must have found my key, got into my house and stole them.”

He noted that one of the cameras, which cost him sh 250k, was still new and used it to shoot music videos for artistes.

The other two cameras that were also stolen cost him about sh 120k each, saying the person must have known how much the cameras cost.
“It hurts me because that someone was very specific and knew the cameras I use to create content and shoot artistes’ videos. So it was supposed to sink me and feel empty so my job could stall.

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