Former presidential candidate reveals what her mother thinks of her naughty posts

Kingwa Kimenchu is not subtle.

Not even a little.

Kingwa shoot a TV series titles Madam president and starred in the role of a running presidential candidate. In one scene she walks into a studio set up for a photo shoot, stark naked.

That is Kingwa for you.

Kingwa Kimenchu
Kingwa Kimenchu

In a recent Facebook post, Kingwa revealed that her mother gets to hear of her naughty exploits from friends who read her social media posts.

“When I write naughty things on social media, people call her and deliver the news with much shock. But she has never asked me about it. Well maybe once she did try. Then I reminded her that i get all my madness from her, and in fact, in less concentrated form,” Kingwa stated.

“My mother never talked to me about sex. The only time she came close to doing so was when she would call me a prostitute for coming home late. It is possible that i then found myself closely relating to sex (this bad thing that was evil) out of rebellion and hard-headedness (kichwa ngumu).

My mother never had the talk with me about getting my period either. None of this was her fault. I was a surly, and bad tempered teenager. Any attempts at conversation with me were met with frothing at the mouth and hysterical outbursts about how she wanted nothing but to control and ruin my life. A less patient parent would have deposited me at the doors of a mental hospital or juvenile delinquents jail, for these unexplained black and hostile moods.”

Kingwa added,

“Yet, i take after her in many ways. I look like her, i sound like her. I have been stopped in town more than once by people asking me if i am Hellen Kamencu’s daughter. “

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