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Former Miss Kenya Reveals What Happens After Handing Over The Crown (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

This is a record breaker! She is obviously one of the well-recognized beauty queens in the country. Just after handing over the crown, many beauty queens get lost, and we never hear from them anymore.

Well, Ruth Kinuthia is one beauty queen that has kept her standards to the highest levels possible. The former Miss Kenya is the first Kenyan beauty to have held the crown for 2 years.

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Ruth, who represented Kenya in the Miss World finals in South Africa has revealed what really happens after winning the crown to when the crown is handed over to the next person. Just like any other lady, Ruth was just the normal version of a campus girl but all that had to change. In came the glamour, the beauty, and the fashion.

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So, what habits should a Miss Kenya have? Ruth reveals that she had to start wearing makeup, good hair grooming and of course she had to get trendy with the help of designers. Ruth who is one of the biggest trendsetters is an award winning makeup artist, 2016, a talent that she discovered she had after her crowning moment.

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Quite evident is that Ruth Kinuthia still brings her A game and her period as Miss Kenya will not be forgotten anytime soon. Check out her exclusive interview;

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