Elizabeth Irungu

Former KBC News Anchor Lectures City Girls On How To Clean Their NUNUS

Most people would shy away from talking about private matters touching on sexual organs but not this media personality. She cannot stop herself from telling Kenyan women how to make their nunus smell sweet and stay clean. Read what she has to say on the matter.Elizabeth Irungu is known for dropping shock bombs whenever she opens her mouth. She has designed a fool proof tutorial on ensuring that women observe good hygiene.

She says, “This will make some people “uncomfortable” coz it’s supposed to be sijui “an embarrassing” topic to discuss in public but not to me honey! I will say it out loud here ESPECIALLY TO FELLOW LADIES: So when you visit the toilet whether to susu or poop,after you use your dry tissue paper,wet wipes or whatever to wipe your vajayjay or your butt, WASH WITH CLEAN WATER thereafter! Infact personally I use wet wipes first then wash with soapy water & rinse with clean water then dry the water on me with dry tissue just to remain SUPER FRESH & CLEAN all day! Yaani I can’t believe there are some grown women out there who use dry tissue paper ONLY, wear their clothes and walk around all day in jeans or whatever-YUCK just yuck shawddy! Si unanuka mammi? I mean seriously?! Dry tissue can never wipe all the sh*t out! U still have some on u & the smell too!!! Wash with soapy water & rinse with clean water everytime u visit the loo!!!”

Liz continued, “I mean seriously plus the sweating back there In your butt crack and worst still ukuwe na period!!! Eeewww just eeewww! How can you not wash yourself after kususu? That’s just gross! Ya’al are DISGUSTING! Even after pooping how can u just wipe with dry tissue and wear ur clothes & walk? Hata husikii dh’idhi mwenyewe? 

“WATER IS LIFE! WATER IS FRESHNESS & WATER IS HYGIENE! You may not have a water pipe attached to your toilet like I do at my house, but I am sure huwezi kosa jug or kasuku ya kuweka msaalani“Don’t poop kwa wenyewe kama hawana water jug, ngoja ufike kwako! Kwa wenyewe u can only susu & use wet wipe then go shower at home! I mean SAY NO TO UCHAFU girl & if no one else will tell u, i will! #Clean_freak.”

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