Former Auntie boss actress Nyce Wanjeri speaks out on marriage

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri’s husband Titus Wainaina took to social media to announce that his marriage to the actress is over.

He later deleted the post. It read:

In the post Tito, a musician, said their marriage suffered because his wife (Shiro) had become an absentee spouse. According to the post, things have not been working following Nyce’s success on TV.

Later he retracted his statement in an interview seen by Classic

Titus said:

“What I had said was past tense. It’s best I sort of know exactly what is happening. I can’t conclude now. Everything has its ups and downs and I think it’s too soon to decide or know what is happening.”

Asked if the two are still a item, Tito said; “It is better we take time to figure out what is up. Ask yourself why the post is no longer there,” adding, “At times not everything works. We have our ups and downs, which is normal. I may have acted out of the feeling I had at that time but it’s something we are handling.”

But have they sorted out the issue? “Let’s say yes…At times not everything works. We have our ups and downs, which is normal. I may have acted out of the feelings I [had] at that time but it’s something we are handling.”

Now, Nyce has spoken out about her whirlwind relationship with Titus. She posted on Instagram,

“I have a lot to say, but not the time to tell it. I guess life goes on, Of God Are many.”

In a recent interview with Salon Magazine, Nyce narrated how her love for Titus broke all the rules. The two meet when they were working for Jicho Four Productions under the same film crew in 2008.

At the time, they were dating different people, but they kept their relationship strictly professional, helping each other improve their craft.

However, six months into their encounter, they decided to hook up and see if their love connection will work better than their previous relationship. They were both single at the time.

“Up to date, Titus still rehearses the scripts with me and provides comical ideas to spice up my shows and act. I truly found my perfect match,” Nyce said.

When management found out that they were dating, they almost lost their jobs.

They stuck their necks for each other and were willing to go as far as quit their jobs for one another. Thankfully they were retained – with a warning of course, in addition they were separated and put on different casts.

Four years later, they welcomed their baby, Natasha.

“Natasha’s birth brought us warmth and joy but it wasn’t easy juggling between parenthood and work. At times we are forced to bring her along to our rehearsals and performances when we have had no nanny to watch her.”

And that good people is their love story.

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