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Form One girls dispute with school over dreadlocks stirs online discussion


To cut or not is what many Kenyans on Twitter are debating after reports emerged online that a girl in Kibera has been denied admission to school until she cuts off her dreadlocks.

She was joining a high school after completing her KCPE. On reporting to school, authorities spotted her and demanded she remove the turban on her head.

She had ticked on school forms that she was Rastafarian, as her religious practice.

Things became worse and she was ordered to leave school on January 10th, despite having paid school fees, and now her family has gone to court.

Check out the mixed reaction to the story. What is your take?

Black Buddha..
Let’s be real though, huyu mtoi atastruggle akiingia job market, this is the reality of Kenya’s job market. No one is willing to hire a Rastafarian .

Curtis Muyumbui..
That’s unfair. Freedom of worship and to practice religion and faith in this country but Rastafarians are always the ones told to cut their hair so as to go to school. Having dreadlocks is part of their faith. Let the kid go to school.

Lunar Bwami..
Worship what? Which church do they have? She can’t change the institutional rules coz what she believes on. Infact deep believers of rastafarians smoke weed which is also illegal. So that’s unacceptable she will convert other innocent girls to weed.

This is a non issue wacha atafute private school.

[email protected] K’Osano..
A school without rules and dress code is a market….

Sarah Amatta..
They can either home school their daughter, start their own Rastafarian school or simply cut her hair. Simply follow the rules.

Just Send M-Pesa..
Pal, kwa hii story ya uniformity mbona sijaona ukisema Wakorino watoe vilemba na Muslims wasivae Hijab? Ama Rastafarian are children of a lesser God? We talk about freedom of Religion but when it comes down to it we want to marginalize people based on their religion.

Muslim girls and wakorino have their heads covered too just like she’s. Why is that allowed and not this girl? People here arguing she should shave to have uniformity…she’s not joining the police forces and as long as they are clean neat need no ask more.

Lilliana Bwire..
Mtoto apunguze nywele aende shule.
TIA! Watoto don’t rule us.Every institution has rules, try joining the police with rastafarianism paraphernalia…

This is not the first time a student has landed in the cross hairs of school officials, as several years ago, a male student at a school in Lavington went to court to demand he be readmitted to school after being suspended over dreadlocks.


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