Forgiveness is power! Lilian Muli shares life lessons Akothee has taught her

Media personality Lilian Muli says she has learnt basic life lessons from singer Akothee.

Lilian shared a photo of them embracing each other during Akothee’s daughter’s graduation party and shared a long post celebrating the single mother of five for being a solid woman who speaks with wisdom and power enough to keep a room full of people listening for hours.

She then thanked her for the many life lessons Akothee has taught her. Among them is that forgiveness is power and for always reminding her to be a strong woman.

Check out the post;

“I have known many women in my life everyone that has been my friend or continues to do this journey we call life with me has taught me something…whether good or bad it has shaped my thinking. We all have friends some who we drink with or party with and others who we pray with. Some left the country ages ago and even if we don’t speak everyday when we meet it’s like time stood still. I thank God for all my friends.

Today I thank God for my very dear friend @akotheekenya.

A solid woman. A Lady and a half…she speaks with wisdom and power enough to keep a room full of people listening for hours.

Akothee admits she’s no longer fixated on ex husband after 6 year grudge

Akothee with LIlian Muli


Lilian added;

“I respect women that speak their truth I respect women who take the bull by the horns and do life like it’s not a rehearsal. We were built for greatness not for tears and suffering.

Thank you my friend for your strength and your grace.

Thank you for teaching me that forgiveness is power. Thank you for always reminding me To Be Strong.

Your beauty is not only in your killer body and gorgeous face but in the pride with which you tell the world how life shaped you into becoming the powerful brand that you are.


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