‘Forget spaghetti and pizza’ Older men advice about being stamina daddy


The topic of why younger men are increasingly using the blue pill to bed many women attracted the attention of older men who advised that it’s their lifestyle that makes it hard to last in the sack.

So young fellas if you want to impress your main bae plus your side chicks, stop consuming spaghetti and pizza as it doesn’t improve your stamina.

Maina and Kingangi while making fun of the use of blue pills by young men, noted that possibly womens incessant demands have prompted young men to use the pill to avoid shaming themselves.



Maina noted that “The crazy thing id that alot of young men are using these nonsense, they are bedding alot of women dying in beds that don’t belong to them, ni nini? Who told you there are women who want you to go on for five hours?”

To which Mwalimu cheekily added “blame it on women, unaweza aibisha your tribe so ni lazima ushike bendera uwakilishe, personal best ni riadha, you are performing infront of an empty stadium”

Ladies is it you who expect so much from your men Maina asked.

Two male callers said it’s not women to blame but young men who live flashy lifestyles that make them poor in bed.

One said “they are eating chips, that is not the way to go. If you want to  go on for hours and show off to your woman, eat cassava, but no you eat spaghetti and pizza, kula yams. Me I ran for almost one hour and I’m still going strong, si kujisifia”

Another agreed advising young men that “eat veggies, because they need to please their women.’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree that eating clean is the way to go rather than risk your health using the blue pill? Drop your comments below.

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