Wahu and Nameless in a loving embrace

Forever 18: Wahu celebrates her ’18th’ birthday alongside hubby – Photos

Nameless and Wahu have always been considered a power couple and as Wahu celebrates her birthday today it is easy to understand why the title.

Unlike many of us who spend their birthdays indoors, Nameless  treated Wahu to an early vacation

Taking to Instagram, Nameless showered his wife with praises adding they had been through so much together and all he hoped is that God helps her realize her dreams.

  I keep telling you guys, I am the official Wahu Photographer(video evidence provided above) na sijawai lipwaaaaa!! Isokey, bado nakupenda!!!

Anyway, March 22 is here.. Go shorty, it’s your Birthday, so Fam, help me wish this kaModel of mine a blessed birthday and an amazing year ahead.

May all your dreams and vision be realized with God’s guidance. Happy birthday Babe.. enyewe tumepitia mob pamoja… Wacha tujibambe 💯💯…

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Nameless and wife Wahu
Nameless and wife Wahu

Wahu also took top Instagram to thank God for the far he has brought her and the blessing he has bestowed on her which include a supportive husband and two adorable kids.

Thank you Father for health, peace and joy. Thank you for setting me on my path of purpose. Thank you for my family…my beautiful children, my wonderful husband.

Thank you for my awesome friends who ride the tides of life with me. 
Thank you for all my fans and supporters who cheer me on.

nameless wahu

Surely…..I cannot tell it all. But on this day that I came into the world…I say thank you thank you thank you my Father from the bottom of my heart…..for everything.
Happy 18th birthday to me! 

The couple shared a photo of themselves yesterday and hawk eyed Kenyans did not fail to notice how comfortably Nameless has cupped Wahu’s bum.

Nameless and Wahu

Many were quick to state that as much as the couple is taking time off work they were  most probably looking for baby no 3.

It may or may not be true that is not for us to decide..

Here are some photos of their photos during the vacation.

image-2019-03-22 (2)

image-2019-03-22 (1) (1)


From Classic 105 we wish Wahu a happy birthday .

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