‘I forced my house help to abort my husband’s pregnancies’ Brags woman

A Kenyan woman is nursing a broken heart after finding out that her husband has been testing his sexual prowess with all the house helps she brings.

*Stacy* says that at one time she was forced to take  a house girl for an abortion twice  after her husband made her pregnant and that has not deterred him from his womanizing ways.

My husband has been sleeping with my house help, I noticed last year when her [email protected]@bs started growing and I asked her, she opened up and told me that my husband is responsible.

Because of the fear and respect I had for my husband I did not confront him or say a word.

I just took the girl and aborted it, and forgave her still allowed her leave in my house.

I noticed again she was pregnant and I did the same .

‘My daughter was introduced into lesbianism by my sister in law,’ Cries city woman


She goes on to add that despite having been married for three years her husband cannot stay away from the house helps.

This has  happened 4 times in a year now so I decided to let the house help go . 

I have still not confronted my husband and he is acting as if nothing ever happened. I just brought another maid and I am scared if he will still sleep with her .


I love my husband so much and I satisfy him too in bed.

To make matters  worse I have never gotten pregnant for the 3 years we have been married.

How come the maid keeps getting pregnant. I am so scared of loosing my marriage to a common maid .

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