For The Love Of Ink! You Won’t Believe What Tina Kaggia’s Latest Obsession Is

Tina Kaggia is a mother of three, but she has never been shy to take a risk when it comes to experimenting with new things in her life, like adventure, new cuisine, among other things.

The mellow-voiced presenter got married to her husband, JB Masanduku, only 7 months into dating, but they have both proved that love can conquer anything.

Tina and her hubby, Nathan Kimani aka JB are blessed with two lovely children, a boy and the recent addition to the family, a cute baby girl. This is however, Tina’s third child, with a first-born daughter from a previous relationship.


For those who don’t know, Tina Kaggia is a big fan and an enthusiast of tattoos and she has a couple of well defined and polished tattoos on her body and  yes, she’s obsessed with them! Her best being one written ‘Jesus’ on her wrist.

Tina has now revealed a new tattoo that she recently got on the back of her neck, which is a well-painted barcode, with letters on it. She shared the picture with this caption:

New ink #LastOneIPromise @gathuthemadkid you need to stop Michael Schofielding me.hehe

Well, let’s see if this will really be her last one. Check it out below.



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