For richer or poorer doesn’t mean anything to Kenyan women


In Kenya there is this popular saying that ‘filisika ujue tabia ya mwanamke’ .

Countless cases of men being left by their wives after losing their jobs due to covid formed the basis of the morning conversation with Mike Mondo on Wednesday morning.

A man recounted how his business shut down due to covid and because he was no longer earning an income, his wife of six years packed her bags and left with the children.

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So Mike Mondo wanted to find out if omen take the wedding vows ‘for richer or poorer’ seriously anymore.

Classic fans responded with an outright ‘NO’ and here are comments below:


Mike Mondo: Do people take the vow “for richer or poorer” seriously? #MainaAndKingangi

@Classic105Kenya this Generation of ours theres no real love , a lady will be with you coz of what you have , it’s all about situationship….
This “For richer for Poorer” is a big lie these days,,many stay with a person when He/She has money but when its over they leave..anawachwa akipambana na life yake
Glory Gatwiri..
There are some women who can stick with the man, it all depends on how this men behave

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kalvo sni..
Not people, wedding nowadays has become a publicity stunt for women, to show the world they got a man with cash! You go broke for a day, they feel ashamed and walk away… don’t cherish weddings anymore #MainaAndKingangi
some got married while at a lowest. I think is trickles down to character, maybe we should take some time and learn their characters before saying I do….wengine have beautiful hearts.#MainaAndkingangi @classic105kenya
For richer for poor siku hizi inadepend na vile your man treats you when he has that money and when its gone,huwezi vumilia mtu hukutreat vibaya akisota #MainaAndKingangi
Women are good wakiwa kwa hizo manguo zao wanavaa,and again siwezi sema wrote ni wabaya kuna wale mutakaa hata kama huna and we men we know kabila inaweza kaa na wewe hata kama munakula one meal a day.

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Broken Heart
Good morning Mike, nowadays it’s not about love but it’s about the material things i.e. how wealthy are you, do you drive, etc? Love has totally lost its meaning and if it exists its only for a few

These vows are just a fairly tale. Ukiwa na pesa life is good and women will love you but wewe sota, hata panya na mende zitatoroka kwako. #MainaAndKingangi
That one is a phrase usually just mentioned for formality,kosa pesa ujionee.
No especially women they don’t ukiishiwa anasonga mbele
Nowadays vows don’t have any meaning

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