FOR LOVE OR MONEY? Kenyan ‘Clande’ Reveals She’s In Love With a Married Man, People React (Audio)

When Maina Kageni talked about cougars on the prowl, it emerged that most of the young men who hook up with older women do it for money and not for love or commitment.

This prompted the breakfast show host to talk about the other woman, better known as ‘clandes’ and if for them it’s also about the money or there is love involved despite them dating married men.

As we all know, there’s been a growing trend of older men dating young women, popularly called ‘clandes’ or simply as mistresses.

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According to Maina Kageni, this relationships or affairs never last for long, and most times, if not all times, the man ends up leaving the clande for another one, or just go back to his wife.


Maina Kageni’s concern and big question this time was, how do these mistresses ensure their financial security when the man leaves, because they will eventually leave at some point.

According to him, mistresses should invest and milk their ‘sponsors’ enough so that when he walks out the door, she’s financially secure, since it’s just about the money.

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The celebrated radio host also advised women, not to give their hearts to married men because it will never work as these men will end up going back to their wives at the end of it all.

During the discussion, a very interesting thing happened.


A mistress called in, revealing that it’s not always about the money when a woman dates a married man, confessing that she’s a clande and is very much in love with her ‘benefactor’, and trust me, she wasn’t ashamed.

Of course, this got reactions from other people – including Maina himself – who are against mistresses and women who date married men, and the worst part, falling in love with them, calling them delusional.

Listen to the shocking revelation below as the woman also receives criticism from married people.










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