Lillian Muli in a blue dress

Jinunulie maua! Lillian Muli tells women without Valentine’s dates

Lillian Muli has some interesting viewpoints for her female fans about becoming more independent.

How? Buy their own flowers! The mother of two who recently revealed she is in love again asked ladies to treat themselves better and practice some self-love.

Lillian Muli portrait
Lillian Muli portrait

The TV beauty shared a hilarious video of guys mocking women who had no Valentine’s dates or lovers to warm their beds and hearts. After having a laugh, she told women to get used to gifting themselves with chocolates and flowers.

Daddy Boss! Lillian Muli shares image of baby daddy, Jared Nevaton

Lillian told ladies that sulking is not an option during this Valentine’s period as any lady can easily spoil herself on the day of love-a message yours truly endorses fully!

“Ladies if these guys do not buy you flowers, chocolate or take you out do it for yourself,” she said.

The response from her fans to her message was mixed with some still wanting the princess treatment from the men in their lives, while other women fully agreed with her.

Lillian Muli at a restaurant
Lillian Muli at a restaurant

Her message comes a few days after the chocolate-skin journalist teased fans and followers by posting her man on social media. Some of her fans believed that the man she posted was a replacement of her baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

Lillian Muli at a restaurant with her mystery man
Lillian Muli at a restaurant with her mystery man

They supported their claim by saying that the mystery man she had posted had a smaller build than Jared. I disagree with this analysis as Lillian has insisted the last few months that Jared was her baby daddy was her best friend, even insisting last month that she had been permanently assimilated into the Kisii culture!

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