Flirting Mistakes Women Make

Flirting  is a natural part of life but it’s easier for men to do it than for women to. However when a woman likes you she will flirt in subtle ways because by nature women are shy.

However there are things that women do while flirting that make them leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Being too confident and mean – When flirting with a shy guy, don’t be too confident and don’t try to show that you don’t have any insecurities. When flirting with a confident guy, though, don’t be too mean. Many girls tend to be mean with confident guys because they think it can help them look more confident too. In fact, this type of behavior can scare off any guy.

Constant laughing – Guys like to make jokes. This way, they try to boost a woman’s mood and show that they are funny. Well, laughing at his jokes is a must, but don`t go too far! Don’t start giggling every time he makes a joke, especially if you don`t really find it funny, because it`ll look unnatural and he will understand that you actually don’t like it.

Drinking too much alcohol – Taking a few shots of something will not spoil your date. What`s more, it can make you feel relaxed and even more confident. However, moderation is always important. You should avoid getting drunk when flirting, as you wouldn`t like him to see you rolling on the floor and speaking up all of your thoughts.

Being too much interested – Express your interest in what he says with questions and attentive listening. You shouldn`t pretend that his words are so much exciting that you are ready to become his girlfriend right now. The art of flirting is hard to master but one of the most important things to remember is to be yourself. After all, you can’t pretend all the time.

Lying – Lying is awful and it can ruin any relationship. Tracing whom you lied and what you lied about in order not to be caught is a heavy burden. Moreover, it’s a bad idea to start your relationship with a lie. If you want your crush to love you, not your lie, it’s better tell the truth only.

Flirting online only – When flirting online you feel so comfortable, brave and confident that you may start avoiding him in a real life. If he doesn’t ask you out on a date, it doesn’t mean he is not interested in you. He may be too shy to do it so be the first to ask him out on a little coffee date. If he rejects you, move on. You deserve a better boyfriend!

Facebook stalking him – Yes, Facebook may show you many interesting things about your crush’s life, but don’t make it a habit to check his account every hour in order to find out what he’s going to do tonight. Avoid commenting too much and sending dozens of messages. There are many better ways to attract his attention.

Being too cold towards him – Women love drama and like to test men. I used to follow the strategy “I don`t care about you, so love me” and I must confess that it was a mistake. When you make a man think you don`t like him just to find out if he`s straightforward enough to deserve your love, it may bring the desirable result. But think twice, would you like to be in a relationship where you`re loved only when you don`t like your partner?






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