Flashback Friday: This Is The Reason Why Xtatic Was Dropped By Sony

Rapper Xtatic has been going through a lot lately, from the unfortunate death of her mom to a recent shocking revelation that she is broke.

In a Facebook post from a year ago, Xtatic admitted that her house was about to undergo auctioning.

“….I put in perspective that I have or will be losing my entire house to an auction and having let off my housekeeper, who has been heaven-sent and a second mother to my child, puts me off course, at a place of more work,” she said in a post that was seen by SDE.

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In response to that, she told Heads Up that it was “not a cry of pity. I just wanted to use my situation to inspire people.”

Back in February 2017, her former manager Christine “Seven” Mosha opened up about her experience working with Xtatic to Daily Nation. Allegedly, the “Hit Them Up” femcee could not handle the fame that came with her music career. Mosha said that she could not balance the fame and became too hard to manage.

By Mid 2017, Xtatic was signed to a US-based label Silopanna Records. It is not clear whether the two are still in contract and if there has been material from them.

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