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Five Ways For Couples To Be Happy

Couples cannot be happy if they don’t put in work towards being happy. Happiness is not something that will automatically happen just because you are in a relationship. Stress from our daily lives will affected us in one way or another and by extension affect the way we relate to people at some point.

The best way to ensure happiness is to work together and improve the most meaningful intimate relationship in your life. Learning how to make your partner happy should be your goal and vice versa, it’s not as hard as it may sound and it’s also not as easy because it will take time. Below are a few tips on how to.

  1. Listen – This doesn’t mean that you sit across your partner and just nod to everything they say in agreement. It means you give them undivided attention, engage them in what they say, acknowledge the message being put across and do not judge them. Your vocal tone, posture and facial expression should be in sync with that of your partner.
  1. Request for what you want – No one can read your mind, well unless they are a mind reader so unless you really say what you want then your partner will not know. This is mostly common with women who will assume that her man will know what she wants, which is a misconception. Do not assume, simply communicate what you want to your partner and talk about it. Do not demand.
  1. Try out new things together – People do different things and there are some that you could do together. Maybe he loves cycling, you could accompany him to the Karura forest cycling track and spend time together. If she’s an artist, you could take her to an art festival and watch her being in her element. Both of you could learn different things. It’s also important that you share the experience to know whether it’s working for both of you or maybe you could change to another thing.
  1. Express gratitude – No one owes you anything so you should not take your partner for granted. Say “thank you”, “I appreciate” etc to show your partner that you acknowledge their effort. Finding ways to express it outwardly is even more important for your relationship.
  1. Show affection – When you are in a relationship, you should care enough to do it well. Hug them, hold their hand as you walk, embrace her when she’s feeling low, be there when he needs someone to talk etc. This should go both ways and as often as possible.

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