Five People You Don’t Need In Your Life

We all have friends and we can all agree that the friends we keep are of different types right? There are work friends, business friends, neighborhood friends, BFF’s and even relatives. However friendship doesn’t always mean that you have to put up with negative habits from these people, if anything you need to drop them from your life.

We have identified some categories for you. Read on:

The pessimist – You find the day looks a little grayer after hanging out with this fellow. He has a habit of seeing the mud instead of the sun, and he tends to leave glasses half empty all over your house. His negativity is catching, so make sure to expel this friend from your life.

Symptoms of spending time with the pessimist are: loss of sunny attitude, prevalent dissatisfaction with daily activities, whiny voice and chronic complaining.

The envier – She can’t help but want what you have. This is the gal who starts telling you how great single life is as soon as you have a boyfriend or plays down the fact that you rocked it at work. Good friends are happy about your successes, but the envier is not a good friend.

Symptoms of having this character in your life: unusual dissatisfaction with and unwarranted guilt for things you were previously grateful for.

The gossiper – I’m not going to say there’s no satisfaction from gossiping, but at the end of the day, do you want to be a person who talks about others behind their backs? This friend makes all that dishing so easy—it’s practically inescapable. He thinks he’s making others look bad, but when all is said and done, the gossiper is the one who’s looking pretty awful.

Symptoms of chilling with your gossiper pal: increased unfair judgment, damaged friendships and loss of trust.

The victim – “Woe is me!” is the mantra of this friend. She doesn’t appreciate your advice because there’s obviously nothing she can do to fix the situation. I mean, it’s not like any of her life’s tragedies are her fault.

Symptoms of having a victim in your life: recurring pointed finger, loss of problem-solving skills and reduced motivation.

The backstabber – Let’s be real—Caesar didn’t seem too surprised when Brutus approached him with a knife. You know which friends you can trust and which you can’t. Don’t give someone trust they don’t deserve. The backstabber wants the upper hand, and staying friends with this character is just giving him the opportunity to take it.

Symptoms of developing a relationship with a backstabber: damaged reputation, diminished self-esteem and increased desire to grab knives.


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