5 female celebrities with a lipstick brand to their name

Kenyan female personalities are putting Kenya on the map with their beauty products. We take a look at five personalities who have a lipstick brand.

1. Huddah Monroe

She launched her lipstick brand named ‘Huddah’ in 2016 and damn is she wowing us with her different varieties of lippies from Nimmo to vamp. She is definitely rocking the lipstick world.


2. Caroline Mutoko

The renowned broadcaster and entrepreneur has dived into the cosmetics industry and recently brought to life together with the owner of Pauline Cosmetics , the ‘IAM’ Lip line.

The ‘IAM’ lip-line is for every lady as it varies in the different shades as it adds style and glamour  to your look.

caro 2


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3. Adelle Onyango

Adelle ventured in lipsticks and mahn! did she go bold on it.

‘Anyango lipstick’ was created in honor of her late mum and as flawless as the look is with the lipstick, it sure does bring some awesomeness to your look.


4. Joanna Kinuthia

The talented vlogger not only was she vlogging about make up, she also decided to start her own brand. ‘JonnaK Cosmetics’ came with a range of lippies which would then blossom growing a make up pallet.

The lippies ranged from all shades of colors which would work for all color types giving a confident look
joana kinuthia

5. Susan Wokabi

Ms Wokabi started her cosmetics journey in New York and from there decided to start her own cosmetics brand which catered for all ladies giving them an extraneous to the beauty.

The best part was that she had the African ladies in mind.


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