Fitbits do not lead to weight loss – study

Don’t bother investing in an Apple Watch if it’s just to lose weight, according to new research.

Tracking your steps, blood pressure and cholesterol might motivate you, and give you an insight into your general wellbeing.

But researchers at the University of Florida found FitBits and other fitness wearables rarely lead to actual weight loss.

In an analysis of six studies on 1,615 people, the team found no users had any meaningful drop in cholesterol or blood pressure, and only one cohort recorded weight loss.

‘The weight loss findings are pretty surprising,’ Dr Jo, assistant professor in the school of Health Services Research, told TODAY.

‘I thought that wearable devices would definitely help to lose weight, at some point, because they make people move, but apparently not.’

‘They can motivate people to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but that does not change people’s lifestyle to be [adequately] active,’ she added.

The findings come just weeks after another study called into question the famous 10,000-steps-a-day goal.


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