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Fit Kenyan celebrities that have made the gym their second home!

Its always everybody’s dream to have that fit body, but what effort do you put to have that perfect body? Do you exercise and eat healthy?

After all, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable requires that you actually enjoy the healthy habits you’re practicing. This includes working out.

Well, here some of the celebrities who put effort to look the way they do

1. Yvonne Okwara

Celebrated media personality Yvonne Okwara is definitely setting standards with how she looks.  She has taken to her social media countless times on her workout routines and we can not be more impressed.

The 36 year old sassy anchor takes time to work out at the gym and mahn her body is goals!



2. Kate Kamau

Catherine Kamau also known as “Cate actress” is always the talk of town for her flawless body.

Many do not know that she takes her time to work out to keep her body very fit.

The mother of one is turning heads and we can not stop admiring how fit she looks.





3. Talia Oyando

The 35-year-old Citizen TV host has caught the attention of many through her efforts in the gym where she shared bits and pieces of her vigorous workout.

She is definitely setting standards even for young people in their twenties who do not take time to take care of their bodies.



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4. Chikki Kuruka

Dance and fitness extraordinaire Chiki Kuruka has always been the talk of town regarding fitness and dance.

She was part of “Slim possible” a show that was focused on helping people lose weight through working out. She later got her own dance studio in Karen which focuses on dance and fitness.

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5. Natalie Tewa

The gorge vlogger started her you-tube channel which focuses on working out and travels.

The fitness vlogger continues to show us her tonned body with her small waist and we can’t help but want to start working out any minute from now.



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