‘The first time I saw her I knew she was mine’ Father of united twins speaks

The father of Kenyan twins reunited after 19 years has narrated how hurt he felt after a girl he mistook for her daughter ignored him in Kakamega.

She was so identical to his daughter back home he was convinced she was just being stubborn.

I met Sharon in Kakamega town and called her name thrice.She just looked at me and I asked her she was ignoring me yet I am her dada.

she bluntly asked me why I was forcing myself on her asking if I wanted to kidnap her.

I called my wife and asked her what our daughter was doing in Kakamega.

Kenyan identical twins reunited after 19 years- Photos

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She responded by telling me that our daughter Melon was in church adding that maybe I had confused her with someone else

I deleted my wife’s number from the phone after that due to anger.

We cut off communication  for a while before she called me and convinced me that the girl I sawa was my daughter.

My son tried convincing me to go visit Sharon’s school to proof the girl I saw was not my daughter.

Kenyan identical twins reunited after 19 years- Photos


He adds

One day my daughters’ teachers went to Shikodi girls and while there they met Sharon whom they also confused for my daughter Melon.

They even gave her Ksh 200.Upon returning home they asked my wife kwani she transferred Melon given that they had met her in a different school from the one they know.

But the shock is that my daughter was just at home.

The teachers then facilitated for the two to meet.When I met Sharon I knew she was my daughter.


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