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‘My firstborn daughter is 19 years old,’ Ben Githae opens up about his family

Gospel singer Ben Githae has opened up a bit about his marriage life.

Well, very few know that Ben Githae got married to his wife 20 years ago.

They were then blessed with two kids.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Ala C, Ben said he first met his wife in church.

“My daughter is 19-years old. She is in second-year Jkuat doing accounting, the other one is in class seven,” he said.

“I got married 20 years ago, and I met my wife in church. She was a singer and I was also singing in church.

She went to college and we separated. Later, we got in touch and she used to call me via the late Benga musician Kamaru’s phone number. We developed a relationship and got married later through a church wedding.”

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Ben Githae
Ben Githae

During the interview, Ben says he strayed and cheated in his marriage.

Ben got other children out of wedlock.

“But God lifted me up again. I take care of all my kids. I have made it official about my kids. I don’t have an illegitimate kid and I know how many they are,” he said adding that he will post a photo with them.

He says some of his fellow gospel singers criticise him yet he is taking care of his children.

“They are all beautiful and bright kids. Take care of your kids, leave mine alone. I love them all and they call me daddy. Most of those who have been criticizing me, they have either aborted or helped someone abort and that is why it is not in public. Others have even killed the girls they asked to abort,” he said.

Ben Githae
Ben Githae

Ben says that the industry is full of hypocrites who hide in the gospel industry.

“Even if I didn’t have the ability to give birth, it would still be a topic to people, so there is not problem. Others admire if I could get a child with them. Others walk around with P2 and condoms.

He has since overcome and moved on although he says it was not easy.

“You check the mistake and learn from it. You go back to God and ask for forgiveness. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through coz even today, I still feel the effect.”

To any person who may be in the same condition as he was few years ago, the Tano Tena hitmaker says;

“Pick up the broken pieces and start again. To any person who do not take care of their children, all kids regardless of where you got them from, they deserve the best from you,” he said.

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