‘Finish breastfeeding’ Njugush’s wife advises new mums


Comedian Njugush’s wife Celestine has lost 17 kilos after giving birth and is inspiring other new mums to give it time, just like she did.

People think I don’t cook for Njugush and that’s why he’s skinny – Celestine cries

She wrote about her excitement at losing the baby fat and told others to be patient and focus on breastfeeding their new bundles of joy before considering weight loss.


So on my previous post, guys couldn’t believe that was me😁. Sikuwa na shingo 🙈 babyfat was real! But gues what, less than one year later 17kgs down👏🏼👏🏼. @freddy_kaloki narudi tena gym sasa, hizi picha zimenichocha aki… enyewe nothing is impossible. And to all those struggling with baby fat imagne itaisha. Kwanza we maliza breastfeeding toto then hit the gym or diet which ever works.


See how dramatic her weight loss is?

Congratulations and good luck to other mums on their weight loss journey. Do tag Classic 105, so we can share your story.

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