Bien with Chiki

‘Finding love is hard…’ Bien’s advice to single people

Bien Baraza of leading Kenyan band Sauti Sol says the journey to finding love is not a walk in the park. The singer proposed to dancer Chiki Kuruka in an intimate gathering. And she said yes.

With fans anticipating for their marriage, Bien said at Churchill show that people need to look for the one who can ‘Stomach their behaviour’.

“Personally, I am deeply in love with my life. I pray that this thing called love will take you through the places it is taking me because I am so happy and I pray it will make you happy”

“I just pray you will be happy because in this life finding love is hard so when you find the one who loves you and can stomach your behaviour, stick to them and be faithful and God will bless you”


‘It was Chiki’s decision,’ Bien talks on why their wedding was postponed

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