‘Finance has been the major challenge,’ singer Denno talks about his marriage

Gospel singer Dennis Karanja alias Denno says finance has been the greatest challenge in his marriage.

Denno has been married to Faith Naliaka for four years now.

In an interview with’Only Love Show, Denno and his wife opened up on the main challenge they have had to go through in the last four years.

“Marriage is not a bed of roses, it’s not a walk in the park. There are challenges that come when you are in it…

For us we have not had many challenges, zile za kawaida kama za trust we have not had many of them but tumekuwa na challenge kubwa ya finances for quite a long time in our marriage but God has seen us through, we have been able to tackle it together,” Naliaka said.

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They say they underwent the pre-marital classes before getting into marriage and that has helped them solve many challenges.

“Pre-marital classes are key for people getting into marriage because it’s there where you are taught the hardest and the ugliest part of marriage.” She said.

Denno says he sees his wife’s inner beauty and appreciates her for who she is rather than her physical appearance.

“For me, I don’t see with the eyes of the world… When you’re getting into marriage one thing you should not look at is the physical image of that person. Because if you see me that way, you will see me as a celeb, but humanly I go through challenges like everybody else. (Celebrities) We are human, we lack, we get sick and all that so you when getting into marriage do look at the image, see the person that you have,” Denno added.

Denno and Faith met in church. They are blessed with a two and half-year-old daughter.

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