Ferdinand Omanyala named the 2021 SOYA sportsman of the year

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala has been named the 2021 SOYA sportsman of the year.

The National Police Service congratulated him for this fete in a hearty note ‘He has been resilient. He has been brave enough to break barriers, and test the limits of his strength and skills. He deserves every recognition and award the world can offer. Congratulations to our very own Ferdinand Omanyala for being named the 2021 SOYA sportsman of the year.’

Ferdinand also shared his excitement at the news thanking Kenyans for their support ‘Thank you to everyone who supported me in 2021’


He has also so far signed a brand deal with Adidas, a fete that has won him the admiration of peers alike.

Congratulations to you sir.

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