List of female university students that died in tragic fashion

The death of the Multimedia University student Diana Mumbi a few years ago added to a list of other students who have lost their lives mysteriously and under suspicious circumstances.

Diana like so many ladies in university face temptations that can be a vice or a blessing. With the many older and more accomplished men pursuing them.

At this age of their lives when cash is hard to come by and the desire for the Hollywood lifestyle is high, many young and impressionable females get swayed either into hanging out with friends they shouldn’t or get into relationships they would do better to avoid.

This list is a sad reminder that many murders in this country are still open, meaning they have not been solved as of yet and the way things look, they might never be solved. It’s sad that some of the families of the girls on this list might never get the closure of seeing justice served.

Here goes:

Careen Chepchumba

The girlfriend of former TV anchor and host Louis Otieno was found dead in her apartment at Kilimani’s Santonia Court in February 2012. A postmortem showed she was strangled. The former TV presenter said he met the woman the previous year when he moved into the building.

Careen Chepchumba
Careen Chepchumba

Ms. Chepchumba was found dead in her apartment at Kilimani’s Santonia Court a day after she indicated to her parents that she wanted to ditch former TV news anchor Louis Otieno.

This case is interesting because both Louise and  Careen’s  father blame each other for Careen’s death. Up to this day, the case is still unsolved of the former Kenya Power employees death.

Mercy Keino (Nairobi University)

This former University of Nairobi student was found dead along Waiyaki way after being the victim of a hit and run. The university student was attending a party at Wasini Luxury Homes that was also attended by former Kiambu governor William Kabogo.

Mercy Keino
Mercy Keino

Investigations ensued with claims that Mr. Kabogo had slapped Mercy before she left on that fateful day. An inquest that concluded last year absolved Mr. Kabogo of any wrongdoing. The matter as to who may have killed Mercy is still up in the air.

Carol Ngumbu (Kenya Medical Training College)

This is the woman who was found dead together with IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando. She was just 21, from Gachie, Kiambu County, and had just completed her studies at the Karen campus of Kenya Medical Training College. She was found along with the former ICT manager of the IEBC dead, with strangulation being the cause fo death.

Carol Ngumbu
Carol Ngumbu

The case is still unsolved with many saying she was a victim of collateral damage as she was with the ICT manager when the killers struck.

Edinald Nyainda Atieno (Kenyatta University)

This lady is probably the least well-known of the ladies on this list because she was not associated with any high-profile personalities. Atieno was stabbed 10 times in the neck and chest by Maxwell Ochieng a former soldier in Kahawa Wendani.

Edinald Nyainda Atieno
Edinald Nyainda Atieno

Edinald died of excessive bleeding following the stabbing. She was allegedly killed by the 36-year-old ex-naval officer Maxwell Ochieng after she terminated their relationship.

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