Female TV anchors from the past and where they are now

Over the years, Kenya has witnessed a growth of its entertainment scene. Before the proliferation of the internet and the dozens of entertainment opportunities that have ensued, TV was king.

And with that the stars on our TV screens were the late-night TV anchors who dutifully served us with news in the 90’s and the early 2000’s.

Some of those female anchors became household names with most Kenyans knowing them on a first-name basis. This article will remember the female anchors from this period-one I would call the golden age of TV news.

The list is below:

Catherine Kasavuli

Her journey in the media industry began in 1980 as a radio continuity announcer and later joined TV in 1985. The TV queen has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

The gifted presenter warmed the hearts of many who watched her bulletin’s throughout her career.

Catherine Kasavuli
Catherine Kasavuli

She received numerous awards in industry, including an accolade, ‘The Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya’ from former President Mwai Kibaki.

After she retired from Citizen TV, the veteran journalist founded Kasavuli Media Group Limited.

Beatrice Marshall

Beatrice worked at KTN for 8 years hosting the shows; Agenda 5 and Diplomatic Perspective while at the same time working as the Deputy Managing Editor at the station.

Beatrice Marshall
Beatrice Marshall

Before that she had worked at KBC in the ’90s. She is now an anchor at China Global TV Network (CGTN), where she hosts a program called Talk Africa.


One of the most popular TV show presenters used to host the KTN show,  ‘Who’s Smarter Now’. Régina-Re, who has a background in Psychology and Mass Communications.


She is now a full-time business as a Personal Growth & Development Trainer, Creative & Performing Artist.

Winnie Mukami

As with most TV presenters had her debut on KBC in 2001. Winnie gained fame in 2003 when NTV as a news anchor in the station.

Her time at the station came to an end in 2010. Later on, she left the station and founded her own public relations consultancy known as Winners Frontiers International Limited, which she still runs.

Winnie Mukami
Winnie Mukami

Winnie holds an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies from the University of Nairobi.

Anne Ngugi

The celebrated news anchor was a favourite for many who enjoyed following Swahili news with her debut being on KTN. She, later on, she progressed to K24. Her story there ended on an ignominious turn when where she was fired while only five months pregnant and with twins.

Anne Ngugi
Anne Ngugi

Thankfully, she made a comeback on the screens but on the international broadcaster, BBC.

Kathleen Openda

Kathleen was the image of professionalism and excellence while working on KTN with her no-nonsense yet warm delivery.

She also hosted the talk show Third Opinion and launched Enterprise Kenya which quickly gained popularity because it was one of the first shows that were geared towards the hustler as opposed to big companies.

Kathleen Openda KTN
Kathleen Openda KTN

When she left KTN, Kathleen joined the corporate world and took on various roles including Head of Corporate Affairs at Barclays Kenya, Consultant Communications advisor with UNDP, Head of Corporate Affairs at Wananchi Group, Director of Communications at the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission and, more recently as a member of the NASA Coalition’s strategy and technical advisory team.

Misiko Andere

Misiko worked at KTN on the popular show Art Scene, a magazine show about the local art industry that aired on KTN. The show started in the late ’90’s it was a 5-minute filler and later on became a slotted show because of its popularity.

Later on, she joined Nation Media Group’s NTV, where she pioneered the breakfast show NTV “This Morning” and rose up the ranks.

Elizabeth Omollo

Elizabeth Omollo started her career in 1965 as a program assistant trainee on a temporary contract. She started her TV on KBC with the show at Voice of Kenya.

The mother of six also co-hosted the Sunday morning show on KBC English Service. She then left and joined the Royal Media Service as the head of Ramogi FM doubling up as a presenter at the vernacular radio station.

She, later on, left the show and has left the limelight.

Lydia Manyasi

Lydia began her career as a continuity presenter on KTN Channel 62, as it was called at the time, also staring the popular children’s show, Club Kiboko which still runs on KTN.

Later on, she was promoted and started anchoring national, international and sports news before taking up a less visible role as the Programs Acquisition Manager.

Her later life away from the cameras has been working at the Red Cross before moving to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) where she worked as the assistant director in the Education Training and Public Awareness.

Sophie Ikenye

Sophie was a fixture on NTV where she anchored nightly news before leaving after 12 years at the station. But what many don’t know is that she started at KBC as an intern in radio.

Sophie Ikenye
Sophie Ikenye

Sophie is working for the BBC in London as a TV host for the Focus in Africa program.

Esther Mbondo

Esther started out in 1997 when she hosted Club Kiboko, the two-and-a-half hour Children’s Show on KTN. She also hosted the daily music segments Jamadelics, Rap-Em, Rastrut, Rythmix and Kass Kass – were each aired once a week between 6 pm and 6.30pm and featured different genres of music.

She, later on, left KTN  before winning the BBC World Service African New Journalist of the Year Award in 2007 and was nominated for the CNN Multichoice African Journalist of the Year award the same year.

She has since stayed away from the limelight.

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