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Female Kenyan mortician with honest videos of working in funeral home


Ann Mwangangi is a female Kenyan who does videos about being a mortician and explains what it’s like to work with the dead, their family members and even misconceptions about her life in the line of duty.

Ann also honestly exposes some things people expect her to do in her line of work like releasing a body in dispute. In one video, she shares how dangerous it is when she receives two burial permits claiming to bury the same person because he had two wives.. She advises “go have an agreement in court I wont partake in your family feuds meanwhile I hold the body until you reach a consensus. I have a brother depending on me. I can’t go to jail”

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Ann goes by the user name annmwangangi2019 with 20k followers.

In another story, she tells how a body is brought to her and expected to take it without a police report “hello madam we have collected a body with gunshot wounds but we haven’t informed the authorities”  She writes ‘it’s dangerous I don’t want to end up in Prison.


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The hardest task while working at a funeral home?

Her bio says she is here to serve dignity. In one video, she addresses rumors that they have nightmares.

She tells people who think morticians are not sober that ‘she is always sober’. Another question is do you get nightmares, which she answers ‘nop’ and fear of death? Ann tells fans ‘nop’.

Ann shares how much she loves her job, assuring that it isn’t as gruesome as Kenyans think but there are some emotionally difficult tasks she has to do


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