Fellas! Here are the 5 clear signs your girlfriend is angry at you

When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for some time, you should be able to read them and know when they are in a good or bad mood.

So fellas if your girlfriend is ticked off at you right now, would you be able to see through the hidden signs?

Here are some signs she is big mad

1. She stops being the first to get in touch

We all know a happy women will always be the first to make plans and she will happily text, call and get your approval. But when she goes silent on phone she is mad. You won’t hear from her.


2. Her responses are terse

When a girl is ahppy, her texts or responses in person or on phone will be super cute and sound like a romance movie. Yes, I’m cheesy like that. Sue me. But when her angry mood reflects on her replies, that is the best way to know that she is not happy. But then again silence is a sign she is also mad.

3. She stops using that affectionate nickname and refers to you in your ID name

When your girlfriend is angry and upset she won’t use the terms of endearments. So no more Daddy, babe or boo and instead what you get is Hello Michael or Tito That formal use of your name is trouble for you.

4. She zones out

Not participating in things that once interested her is a major sign that she isn’t in a good mood. Angry-Woman-And-Confused-Man-667390151

5. She stops hugs, kisses and being playful

 We love dishing out hugs and touches like a Kenyan issuing a bribe. Yup, so when she is no longer being affectionate she’s angry.
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