‘I was feeling suffocated’ Lilian Muli on why she divorced her first husband

Lilian Muli recently opened up on why she and her ex husband Kanene broke up.

The break up attracted a lot of attention at the time.

Speaking during an interview with Kalyeke Mumo, Lilian says she was young and in love

I was young and it was pretty romantic being proposed in the newsroom. He was and he still remains my friend and he guided me along that process.

But life  is what it is.

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There were rumors of physical violence and infidelity in Lilian’s first marriage but she says that they parted after a mutual agreement.

We were not happy anymore. We just got to a place we were not friends anymore.

I felt like I was being strangulated and the Lilian I knew was getting suffocated in that environment.

We mutually decided to separate without much drama given that we had a kid (Josh).

It was easier that way.

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Lilian Muli

She adds

My child has never felt the gap of our separation.We are co-parenting and we keep it simple organized and there is no drama.

I went through different seasons after that. I got really immersed in church and that helped me a lot. I was in a really dark place.

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