Fed up wife hilariously describes office romance to amused Maina

An honest confession of why a wife is having an office affair had Maina Kageni hollering on air, and happy that women are the GOAT’s when it comes to extra marital affairs.

The woman, described hilariously in her Kalenjin accent why her side man makes her happy when she hooks up with him.

She was prompted to confess by Maina’s declaration that

you men think you are players? you’re women are coaches, fellas your woman has a soul mate and that man is not you gentlemen, i want you to realize that this morning

And the flood of confessions from women were swift. The Kajlenjin woman said

” leo umetumaliza, hapo hatumsemangi. It is true, men are the ones starting this thing, and then they think we are stupid because we are silent, but my work husband treats me like a queen, yet there is someone who treats you kama taktaka, wachana na hawa wakae kwa giza, me I thank God because he (office husband) solves my problems, he gives me money unlike my husband who denies me money, kwani what does he want me to do, na sometimes he tells me kwani hukuwa umejipanga, yet my side gives me all the money I need,”

office affair

“Weuh” whispered Mwalimu Kingangi to this confession.

“There is no Kenyan man who can imagine that his wife can cheat on him” Maina told Kingangi

“Kuna vitu you cannot fathom. Wacha I have a headache, how?” Kingangi added to which Maina laughed, glad that women are teaching men a lesson.


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