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‘…The fear of failure,’ Kate Actress opens up on anxiety

Actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has opened up about having some anxious moments about the future and what it holds. Kate who is one of the most successful stars in the country says the though of failure always catches up with her

Talking to social media, she wrote;

“I get abit Anxious about the future sometimes, my future to be precise , do you ? I mean you grind , you are doing what you can but somehow this fear of failure always finds its way into you , and sometimes does the most”

She went on to advise her followers that even with the unknown of what the future holds, everything will still turn out to be okay

“Someone very special to me told me this morning, God didn’t bring me this far to let life overwhelm me . I Just wanted to share this with you too 🙏 Goodday my watuz …”

Kate is a mother of two and wife to film director Phillip Karanja.

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