Wahu on Churchill Show

‘Fathers should give their daughters attention,’ advises Wahu

A child is normally more treasured and needs much attention from their parents. This is because they are taken to be more delicate hence needs more nurturing.

This is because they need to be protected from the challenges that they face during their growing up.

Some of the outcomes of poor girl parentage may result in early pregnancies, abortions and being sexually active at an earlier age than expected.

When this happens parents are usually the first persons to be blamed as they may have failed to play their roles in raising the child in the right way.

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The gospel artist Wahu advised the fathers to be spending much of their time with their daughters as they played a major role in their lives.

She said, ‘To all fathers to girls out there big up to yourselves. Your girls need your attention more than she needs your money. Your attention is going to make her confident girls especially in adolescence. Fathers you need to spend more time with your girls. When your daughter goes out to look for attention, its, because they are lacking that kind of attention from their own man and my dad, gave it to me. I never felt I needed any kind of attention from any man.’ 

Wahu on Churchill Show

When a girl child lacks such kind of love and attention from their family, they opt to find it somewhere else.

At their adolescent, they require much training and attention so as not to fall into temptations such as sex.

Advice them and tell them the truth about how they should carry themselves.

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Some parents tend to assume that the girls at that stage know the right to do or are taught in schools. They should have talks with them especially about sex about and all the other related topics.

This will create a good relationship between the child and the parents. It will make the child to also feel free to confide in you in case of a problem.

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