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Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there

Fathers day which happens to be on 16th June is just around the corner and most if not all the times, it catches us by surprise, Well not any more!

Most of the times just like birthdays and holidays, thy catch us unawares and might be easy to fall for the same old things and routines done over the years.

Well you do not have to worry about that anymore,

Here is a list of some of the things that could be done for your father on this day

1. Get him a gift

Gifts are always thoughtful.

Getting your dad that perfect gift could come in many ways.

So go all out for him. Get him that Rolex, wallet, shoe…. Heck get him that car.

It’s his day, try make is as special as possible.


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2. Take him out for dinner

Dinners are romantic but who said that your dad doesn’t need some love?

Make that day special by taking him out to his favorite hotel, order his favorite meal, serenade him even.

He deserves every bit of it.

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3. Send him out on a vacation

Fathers are heads of the family and in most homes, they do no get to rest as much as they would want.

Make this a day where he not only gets to rest, but also relax and have fun.


4. Go camping

For some quality time with your father.

If he is an extrovert or a nature person, camping would work prefect for some bonding time.

This improves the relationship between them.


5. Share his hobby

Do something he loves.

Whether golfing, swimming, travelling or any other thing.

This will make him comfortable enough to enjoy the day in a relaxed way.

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